Wild Wooly Glycerine Soap Washers are great for tack and leather
cleaning. See our whole line of Woolies for your home and yourself

Cleaning Got You Down?
          Sheep to the Rescue!


The completely natural, all-handmade Wild Wooly Washers clean using the natural properties of wool:
strength, elasticity, and a microscopically rough surface. Wool is ideal for bath to boots, boat to bridle, car to kitchen, golf clubs to golf cart. Wool gets you and your equipment spotlessly clean using no harsh chemicals, and radically less cleaning product than you use now.  Great for
people concerned about the environment and health effects of commercial cleaning products.

Wild Wooly Washers come either loaded with fine coconut and glycerin saddle oil soaps
-- one for humans, one for leather, or, unloaded, as a dense soft fiber pad. The unloaded has two versions, the super tough sponge for
real grime, and the softer wool cloth for polishing things like faucets, stainless steel appliances, automotive detailing, and of
course all of your tack--metal and leather.

Attention, our soap and yarn customers--we now have a store front location at the
Irimi Arts and Antiques Gallery 112 South Cedar
Come and check it out.  Mention Wooly washers for a 10% discount on any item you choose.

Give Us a Try !  We Guarantee You Will Be Impressed !

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