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  The Wild Woolies  

Wool Scrubber with Ayurvedic soap

A Wool Human Scrubber with Ayurvedic Soap

We do a lot af varieties of this item, all with a lot in common: layers of wool holding a nice portion of coconut oil herbal Ayurvedic soap. (Great stuff, particularly if you have trouble with cracked cuticles. Our Rolfer, Ron, turned us on to this as cracked skin is really a problem for massage people of all types.) So we love this soap, and hope you will love the mild exfoliation and nice suds the combination of wool and soap provide in the bath.


Dense wool scrubbing pad

Dense Wool Scrubbing Sponge

Wonderful, ecological, time savers: these hand-sized super-tough scrubbers are fabulous for dirty jobs. Your hub caps and stainless steel kitchen hood will gleam. Another advantage of all the wool cleaners is they needs very little if any cleaning product--dish soap and water easily washes out the grime you've collected.

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They can be thrown in the washer at the end of your project. Note of caution here--the wool by itself is very forgiving and used in a sensible way is unlikely to scratch. But, it holds a lot of dirt--that's the point--and if you get sand and grime in it there and keep rubbing the grime CAN scratch. Remember there are several kinds--the very soft polishing is better for high shine articles, but if you would not use a paper towel on it, then don't use wool either.

Wooly Starte Kit

Home Wooly
Starter Kit

All the tools you need to get started at a great price. This kit contains, a sturdy brown wool scrubber, a soft burnishing cloth--also great for shoes--a half and half pinto pad, and for when you are done a luxurious human scrubber filled with wonderful-smelling herbal Ayurvedic coconut oil soap.
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Perfect for those with dry skin, the kit is also great for people sensitive to commercial spray cleaners (or those who just want to cut back on the use of chemicals in general). The Wooly washers use very little if any cleaners. Just rub with one hand and a dry towel in the other finishes the shine. Wonderfully easy, organic and renewable.

Glycerin saddle soap wool triangle

Glycerin Saddle Soap Wool Triangle

These palm-sized, tightly-cocooned, saddle soap triangles are the perfect tool for cleaning metal deposits off your tack, getting at hard to reach places. The Pony Club rally inspection's best friend. . . We show one used and one new--just the new one is for sale. . . :) $9.95

Glycerin saddle soap wooly washer

Glycerin Saddle Soap Wooly Washer

A square or rectangle of sturdy wool fiber, encasing a generous portion of highest quality glycerin saddle soap. Use water sparingly, scrub the dirtiest tack without damage, then just rinse the wool, wring in a terry towel and you're ready to head home, or grab another project. See our special leather oil as well. $14.95
Hand Spun Yarn A great gift for the knitter or crochet enthusiast.  Completely hand made from a blending of our silky type A Pygora (like mohair but cuter), Jacob, Border Leicester, Shetland, silk and/or bamboo.  In a variety of colors, from lace weight to chunky.  A typical skein is two and a half ounces and about 60 yards, but that depends a bit on how chunky you choose.  Our staple is two ply, but if you'd like single ply, just ask. If you'd like to try some before you buy a "project quantity", we can put together an ounce sampler pack of our favorites for you to try and then decide.
We also do custom spinning, so if you'd like something specific included (your dog for instance) just let us know.
$20 per ounce.

$20 per ounce
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